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Founder and CEO

Renata discovered international travel before turning 13 and fell in love with tourism, going places and learning about different peoples, cultures and cuisines. She loves tasting traditional and new recipes – from caramelised grasshoppers in Japan to fresh sea urchin in Croatia and dried tripe in Portugal. She knows where to find fresh seafood, who has the best truffles, who is the best Vegan chef or where to eat best organic meet. She rents a virtual garden that grows fresh organic vegetables for her family.

She started her career in commercial diplomacy working for the British Embassy in Croatia. In the past 15 years she was the MD responsible for MICE at Globtour Event, she stepped down 2 years ago and keeps an active ownership role at one of the most important travel agents in Croatia, Slovenia and B&H. Your large project will be happily referred to them for bespoke execution.



Wine Expert and Enthusiast

Marija is a professional wine promoter (level WSET) with a passion for wine and terroir. Drawing on her connections with the local communities and her deep knowledge and appreciation of agriculture and enology, she will take you on a journey of discovery to the heart of each precious grape varietal. 

Her goodhearted spirit and a talent for sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm have been recognised by the many participants in her wine tasting workshops in Croatia and the region. Her passion for wine leads her to continually deepen her understanding of this topic by taking various courses and workshops herself.

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